RotoLoad Powder Dispensing System

RotoLoad Powder Dispensing System

The RotoLoad Powder Dispensing System is an automatic powder weighing and dispensing system that will quickly, safely and cleanly dispense your powdered PE directly into the molds that are mounted on your rotational molding machine.

Utilizing the RotoLoad will assure accurate product weights resulting in:

  • Molding Consistency
  • Dependable Product Wall Thickness
  • Eliminate Under-Weight & Over-Weight Product
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Reduced Powder Spillage
  • Cleaner Work Environment
  • Less Material Contamination
  • Decreased Customer Returns

Removing manual powder weighing and transporting will:

  • Save Time; Dramatically Cut Labor Costs
  • No Buckets To Load And Transport
  • Reduce Tow Motor Traffic
  • Eliminate Machine-Operator Back Issues
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Increase Consistency
  • Reduce Spillage And Waste
  • Increase Cleanliness
  • Provide Material Control And Traceability

There are two configurations of the RotoLoad; the INTEGRAL and CENTRAL Systems.

The INTEGRAL System features a stand-alone, self-contained hopper complete with its own individual vacuum loader and filter system. The powder source (typically a gaylord or day bin) for the INTEGRAL system will be positioned in relatively close proximity to the RotoLoad. We offer the INTEGRAL system with powder capacities of 50-lb, 150-lb or 300-lb. Depending on the hopper size, the RotoLoad can drop powder at approximately 6-lbs/second (360-lbs/minute) and re-load at approximately 15- to 20-lbs/minute. Accuracy of approximately 1/2% is achievable.

The CENTRAL System utilizes a floor-mounted vacuum-pump that is capable of managing up to six (6) separate RotoLoad Powder Dispensing Systems. The floor-mounted vacuum pump provides enough power to feed each RotoLoad from a much greater distance such as a remote powder room or silo and includes its own control panel and stand-alone filter. The CENTRAL system will drop powder at the same rate as the INTEGRAL systems, but will re-load much faster; approximately 50-lbs/minute. Of course, the CENTRAL system may be equipped with any combination of the various sizes of vacuum weigh hoppers; the 50-lb, 150-lb or 300-lb.

The controls are designed for easy operator use and quick response to assure no valuable time is wasted. An operator's pendant with a touch screen interface is conveniently located to simply manage the system. Charge weights may be manually input or automatically selected using our stainless steel barcode scanning option that can identify molds automatically.

This option can store up to 1000 recipes and includes a list of "Favorites" displayed for daily use. The recipe names are freely configurable, and able to be set up according to your individual processes and needs. With our Data Collection Option, material usage per shift, day or per mold can be traced and recorded for later study or inventory usage.

The RotoLoad has been designed and engineered to provide many years of consistent, reliable and versatile service. It is even being utilized to fill mixers.

The RotoLoad Powder Dispensing System is a fast, accurate, safe and clean way to weigh and dispense your valuable powder. Enjoy time savings, labor reductions and less waste with lower costs and higher profits.

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