RBW Technologies

RBW Technologies

Reprocessed Pellet & Powder:

Perhaps when you think of recycled resin, you think of pulverized regrind, which is simply scrap parts that have been ground and pulverized to roto size (approximately 35-mesh). While that is acceptable for some jobs, it doesn't approach the quality of our compounded material. RBW starts with clean regrind, quality assured by their in-house lab to remove any unwanted materials. They then blend in a proprietary package of color and stabilizers (including a robust Anti-Oxidant package) using their 50,00lb blender. Then they extrude this blend into homogeneous pellets using their custom extruder. The pellets are then pulverized to precise specifications on RBW's state-of-the-art pulverizing systems. The result is a clean, opaque, compounded powder that molds and impact tests better than virgin dry-blend.

Call for a free sample; you’ll be pleased with the results - and with the cost savings.

Available in Jet Black.

White Granite and Black Granite:

Our "Rotostone" Granite Resin is beautiful and natural-looking. We can provide ready-to-mold granite, or a 100% recycled concentrate that you can blend with your own natural resin. Some recycled content.

Packaging Options:

  • Standard gaylord boxes
  • 1800 pound bulk bags
  • Bulk truck

Additional Services

Size Reduction - virtually any plastic size reduction job. Equipment falls into three categories:

  • Large scale size reduction is done using a guillotine and/or slow-speed shredders. After shredding, material is reduced to chunks or strips about 2 inches wide.
  • Granulating is reduction to chips. 3/8" or 7/16" is standard, but 1/4" or 5/16" is frequently used as well.
  • Pulverizing normally starts with granulated material or with pellets, and produces powder from 10 to 35 mesh (any size is possible). 35- mesh is the standard for rotomolding.

Recycle compounding is known as reprocessing. RBW can efficiently return your PE scrap as reprocessed pellets through extrusion compounding. We can accept your scrap or regrind and return pellets or 35 mesh powder.

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